empty your mind, be formless, shapeless

like water – be water, my friend

bruce lee

i studied medicine in my hometown vienna and moved to switzerland after graduating for my further training as a physician. during the years at university unforeseen health issues led me to take charge of my life and it was then that my interest in sports, nutrition, self-study, meditation, altruism and environmental issues has grown. yoga, combining all these concepts at once, became a therapy for my body and mind. i desired to get a deeper insight of the physical and philosophical studies by attending my first teacher training in 2018. although this evolved from a very personal approach in search of sanity and health, i quickly got excited to teach and share my enthusiasm for yoga and pass on its benefits to others. therefore i have been teaching regular classes and attending further trainings ever since, continuing my work as a doctor in the field of emergency medicine.

yoga has helped me personally to fill up with resources to be ready for all that may be – to regain strength, flexibility and balance in my body and mind, especially during a time where i felt like i was losing control due to disease. i learned how to calm my hyperactive mind and start cultivating a healthy awareness to live mindfully with a strong, upright spine and shoulders back and down – to take action step by step, breath by breath.

currently i hold the certificate of the advanced yoga teacher training 500 RYT with FLY and the yin yoga teacher training 50 RYT with josh summers, always continuing to attend workshops and further trainings, developing an understanding of yoga therapy to integrate and combine my passion for medicine and Yoga.

yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured

and endure what cannot be cured

bks iyengar

our minds rarely pause to savor the present moment. like monkeys swinging through the forest, wildly from tree to tree, chattering and screeching, our highly developed, heavy and superactive brain hardly ever stops shooting electric signals. chattering about failure, worries and self-desctructive thoughts. the negativity keeps us wasting the moments of our lives in a back and forth race between what was and what might be.

yoga is so much more than putting your body in unknown and bizarre shapes (although thats obviously the fun part and i wont even start about the physical benefits…) – we are truly focused on the here and now, whilst experiencing inner and outer strength as well as recognizing and accepting limitations without judgement of ourselfs or the ones surrounding us.

via yoga and meditation we can accomplish an artful approach to living, a way of applying skills and awareness to all aspects of life, including relationships, work, personal evolution and self-care. through yoga we learn to cultivate positivity, self-love and to live in the here and now – mastering the monkey mind.

ps – i adore monkeys. no disrespect.

yoga takes you into the present moment

the only place where life exists


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