vinyasa flow – yin yoga – meditation – relaxation
all levels – mats and props provided
classes in english (en), french (fr) and german (de)


slow vinyasa (fr)

12h00 – 13h15


yin yoga (fr)



yin yang flow (fr)

11h00 – 12h00


meditation (fr/en)

meditaton and workshops (fr/en/de)

varying schedule – see here

” the atmosphere created in jess’ classes is focused and joyful. her classes are dynamic, fluid and stimulating, strengthening and lengthening the body as a whole. sometimes they can become quite challenging, but they always offer modifications to adapt to all levels and body types. the sequences are creative and intelligent, while respecting safe alignment and anatomy. she prefers a functional approach to yoga asanas and movements – to target the benefits of asanas and movements and explore limitations in our bodies rather than searching a traditional or aesthetic form. a typical flow class will include a short meditation, centering and breathing exercise, a slow warm up of all major joints followed by strengthening, more vigorous movements either with a general theme or leading to a peak pose. then, after deeply opening and stretching poses, each session ends with a full relaxation, often including elements of thai massage and essential oils. during the course, jess constantly gives technical and anatomical cues, encouraging students to correct their alignment and understand the mechanism of the postures as well as their own body. her knowledge of medicine allows a therapeutic view on the physical and mental Yoga practices ”

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